’Tis the season

"Christmas is all about spreading cheer, happiness, and love. It’s not about any religion, it’s a carnival that anybody can be a part of. The brightly-lit Christmas tree, cold weather, cake, and family is all you need. 

My every Christmas is spent here. This is home for me. All my life, 88 years to be precise, I’ve been in this church. When I was young, my whole family would come here every day. It was never a force, each one of us enjoyed sitting in the presence of God. I love it more on weekdays. There are fewer people and there’s silence. I sit here with my eyes closed for long as I want and I feel like I can talk to the Lord. After all, he’s all that I have. I’ve dedicated my life to my school that I started 25 years ago and this church. When I decided to remain as a spinster, many advised me against it. 

But look at me today, I’ve spent more than half of my life without a ‘partner’ and I’m happy. The Lord’s plan for me was to serve kids in my school and I’m doing that. I’m heading to the school to celebrate with my residential students, followed by a dinner with my siblings. This is my way of celebrating the festival. But before anything else, I’m going for a prayer to thank the Lord for a wonderful year and for all that’s in store for me. Hope you have a great year too. Merry Christmas!"

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