Welcoming the Lord

"During the Christmas season, it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing stars hanging from street lamps and perched atop Christmas trees. But many don’t know the reason behind putting the star up. When the three Kings were in search of baby Jesus, they were asked to follow the ‘star’ and that’s also what is called the North Star today. So, when we have a star at our home, we mean, Jesus is here with us as well.
It’s a warm feeling to welcome the Lord home every year. Since childhood, we wait for 11 months for December to arrive. We practice all year to participate in carols and also go to each home in the zonal area to sing carols and feel the festivity. The most exciting part, apart from welcoming Jesus of course, is to participate and win in carol competitions as a choir. We’re one amazing team! We are awaiting this year’s results, but we’re quite sure we’re going to win. "
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