An actor prepares

"When I was young, I always loved the kind of attention and love that actors got. I used to work in a hotel in my early 20s and many film shoots used to happen there. I requested them for a role and they let me play a small cobbler role in a film. I got so many calls and messages from my friends. At one moment, I thought if I was really so good! Their encouragement pushed me to shift to Hyderabad and take up acting. 
Fortunately, a hero doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘good looking, fair and tall’. If you’re talented, you will get a role sooner or later. It’s the time period that drains you. Luckily, I have supportive people in my life who have kept my hope strong and I managed through the waiting phase. I have worked in more than 10 films as a supporting character and it’s good. Life is good. You don’t get anything without hard work and it’s the same rule here too. Of course, the competition is more but if you’re talented you will make it. It’s just that one role that you wait for and when you get it, you should kill it! Then you at least have a good role to boast and get better ones in the future. There are no free lunches anywhere. Work, be patient and give your best. "
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