Turning vegan

"Cruelty and violence against animals are in our face. We either ignore it for our convenience or we realise and act. Although I had a pet as a child, it was only when in my early 20s, during my stay in Kolkata with a few pets, that I thought: ‘When we love our animals so much, why are we eating other animals’. I was in a position where I could think for myself and take a decision. It was time! I turned vegan and in a year’s time, I opened Terrasen cafe, which was then only a food cart with three sandwiches. Today, we have a full-fledged menu with so many customers who come, try our food and go back happily. 

I’m not sure how many have turned vegan after visiting our cafe, but there are many meat lovers who have come here and tried our food. The fact that they’re opening up to the idea of vegan food makes us, as a team, happy. That was the idea behind Terrasen cafe - to provide healthy, unique vegan food in Hyderabad. We’re pretty much doing that right. "
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