Mind without fear

PART - 1

"I never planned my career much, but I always knew I wanted to be famous. Once when I was in my 11th grade, the principal of my college asked me what I wanted to become and I said, ‘famous’. Everybody in the room started laughing but it didn’t bother me. I was never the kind who would be upset because of what people say and think. I went back home and my dad and I made a rough list of professions that could make me famous. That was the kind of attitude I grew up with - confident and determined. Even in school, I was an all-rounder. Essay, extempore, debates, music - I was a part of everything. Interestingly, my batch was the first co-ed batch in HPS back then. We were just 5 girls with more than 25 boys. But did that deter us? NO! We were a bunch of crazy kids who would make a mark in every competition. 

In the middle of all this, there was cinema. And, there was Chiranjeevi!! I’ve always been a fan of Megastar. There have been times when I jumped queues and bought tickets for first-day first show in Sudarshan. I would do anything to watch his film on the first day of its release. When he made a comeback with Khaidi No 150, my mother was in the hospital. She was supposed to be discharged on Saturday and the film was set to release on Friday. That was the first time I thought, ‘it’s only a film. I will watch it next week’. But my mother had convinced the doctor to relieve her a day ahead, so I could watch the film. That’s how much I love and admire him… Even my family knows and understands it so well. When I was younger, my friends and relatives would ask me to use my father’s contacts and get to meet him once because my father was a journalist too. 

But the day I met Chiranjeevi, I wanted him to call me by my name and recognise me. So many years later, when I started working for a regional news channel, I got my first chance to meet him. I was at his house, waiting for him. After a few minutes, I saw him walk down the stairs and I had only one thing in my head: it was the legendary scene from Indra. His energy, aura, and power - all of it is felt in person as much as it is on screen. He said, "Hi Prema. Come, let’s sit and talk.” That was one of the biggest achievements in my life easily."

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