Best of both worlds


"When I joined a regional news channel as a reporter, I was one of the very few women reporters there. However, I started doing interviews only in 2006. My first interview was with Katrina Kaif. I was not scared but I was definitely nervous. It was a brief interview and turned out to be a really good one. I always believe in doing my homework; it helps me understand my interviewee better and ask questions that probably other journalists don’t. My biggest advantage is my communication skills. I know I can talk to anybody and even if I’m in a state where I can’t go out, I can sit at home, take tuition and earn money. I’m saying all of this not because I’m ‘boastful’, I just know my strengths and weaknesses and I work accordingly.

Throughout my childhood years, I have seen my father work hard to earn whatever he did. He never went against his values to get more money or fame or to impress anybody. Having grown up under him, my siblings and I are also very careful about how we lead our lives. I have never attempted to earn unethically, though there were such opportunities. I’m happy my daughter is also like that. Both my husband and I have always been working but that never affected my child’s life. Ever since she was a kid, I kept telling her how it’s important to love oneself and find new things to learn and explore. I made sure I told her everything at the right age… There’s nothing she hides from me - her crushes, ambition, I know it all. I’m a part of every phase in her life and I never compromised on my career for it. Today, I can say with pride and content that I have the best of both worlds!"

#Womenempowerment #Ambitious #Careeroriented #Journalist #Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad — at Srinagar colony.

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