Home away from home!

"I miss my family in Australia. Having stayed away from home for a long period, every time I go back, it feels like a celebration to me. Some of the best days of my life have been my brief visits to my hometown. But it's all about balance for me. I love my time here with my husband too.

Every time I think of us, I'm reminded of our wedding. It was so chaotic because of the cultural exchange between my Bengali parents and Telugu in-laws. It was epic and so much fun! It's not just us, but all our close family and friends who have a part of our wedding treasured. We wanted to present them something they'd cherish. So, our invites were given with a few long-lasting flowers from my company, 'Champs Fleur'. Every time I visit my dentist or a friend, I spot it at their place, still fresh and new. I love to see it being saved! That's the idea behind our company; to provide flawless long-lasting roses that are a true statement of luxury and emotion.

It wouldn’t be too much to say that settling in Hyderabad was a slight shock to me, initially. Although I visited India quite a few times, getting over the fact that I was going to spend my life here was slightly difficult. But today when I go to Sydney, I miss Hyderabad so much. It's home now and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I often wonder why people go all the way to Dubai and London, before exploring the hidden places here. I've done a lot of that… stepwells in the city are my favourite. It's quiet and untouched, I love spending time there"

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