Letters from a lost generation

"My career growth has been a gradual process - one thoughtful step after the other, to arrive at what I am today - housekeeping supervisor. But my juniors at work and other youngsters I meet want everything so quickly in life. It’s as if they don’t mind dying at 50 because they want to experience everything immediately. They have everything in this world on one tap in their smartphone. Two decades ago, nobody would’ve thought this was even possible. But what’s the fun in enjoying life by sitting in one room? Is it enjoyment at all? 

When I was a kid, my friends and I would run around and play games in open areas. When we were tired, we would sit under a tree and listen to mythological stories from one of our grandparents. But today’s children, I tell you! All they want is an expensive phone and maybe a music system. They lock themselves in a room all day and then go to the gym to be fit. Ironical, isn’t it? 

It’s sad how they think this is communication and ‘real fun’. Where are handwritten letters and STD booth calls? We’re allowing a machine to control our lives. If you can’t live your own life, what’s the point of being in this beautiful world?"

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