Our Dogs - Extended family

"I lived in a colony with many street dogs. I used to walk to school and that's when I started playing with them. That's when I realised that they're one of the purest creatures alive. But I didn't have the permission to have one at home. So I'd decided to have as many dogs as possible when I have my own house.

In the last two decades, I've raised six dogs at home. They were all a part of our family. Fortunately, I married someone who's a big dog lover too. She loves feeding them with all her specialities. Although we love them and enjoy having them at home, it hurts so much when something happens to them.

When some of my previous dogs died, I couldn't take it! For almost a month, I wasn't normal. Something was missing in my house and I didn't know how to deal with it. After more than six months, I brought this dog home. It's not a replacement, but another way of spreading love."

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