Color the sky with kites

''The city was much calmer with more greenery, back in our days. Almost every colony had a small ground. When Sankranti arrived, all the kids in that colony would be flying kites there. You know what was cooler? We'd also make our own kites using newspaper and broomsticks. We didn't have these lanterns with LED lights and unnecessary loud music. 

Our enjoyment was about flying kites and shouting 'Affa!' Our kites were colourful and had small candles and long tails. What fun it was! But lately, the number of people flying kites has decreased. 

Today, we need an international food and kite festival to bring us together. Maybe this is the kind of entertainment today's generation wants. But I do miss the kind of fun we had... All I can do now is recollect those memories and share it with my grandchildren. "

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