Love without boundaries

"When you meet a boy and start to like him, his caste is not one of the first things you ask. Unfortunately, your heart doesn’t suggest that before the emotions begin to take over. I also never understand why caste should be of any importance. Nobody who attends a wedding cares about what caste the groom and bride belong to. Even if they do, why do we care about them? 
I’m saying all of this with some first-hand experience… I was in love with a boy and my parents knew he didn’t belong to the same caste. They were furious! They did all sorts of things to get me out of this as if it’s a contest where you can take your name off the list. They scolded me, hit me and also avoided me... They completely ignored my existence. But I was clear. I said, I won’t marry someone without their consent but I truly think this is the right man for me. It took more than two years of drama, convincing and crying before they agreed. And we’re here today! I’m happily married. Caste has never come between our love and livelihood. We now have a four-year-old son. We’re a happy little family and it’s all I ever wanted. "

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