Call me by my name!

Part 1 : 

"Coming out is not a one-time thing but a recurring process that you have to go through with yourself first and then with friends, family and sometimes even with strangers. Being bullied when you’re already going through so much is disturbing, especially when you don’t understand why you’re being bullied. ‘What’s so different about me? Am I doing something wrong? Why can’t I just have it easy like the other boys? These questions stab at you because you just don’t understand what’s wrong, initially. 

I was in class six when I realised that there has always been something that has drawn me towards men. Long before I knew the words associated with it, I knew I felt something different. I tried hiding it when I was in school, but my postures and behaviour when I looked at the guy I liked made it obvious for others. I spent my adolescence going through the same insecurities and bullying that everybody in my community goes through. People never called me by my name, instead, they used horrible slang that made me feel sick. Everything was so messy and difficult to process. I was sexually abused in school by a boy, but I didn’t dare tell anybody because I was scared. I used to lock myself up."

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