Of values and virtue

''To be honest, it’s my experience in Bollywood that taught me a lot. Having worked with Deepika Padukone, Parineeti Chopra, and Shah Rukh Khan, one thing I learnt was to stay grounded, irrespective of all the name and fame you earn. When I started my boutique in Hyderabad, these were the experiences made that me a better entrepreneur and stylist.

In my career so far, I was asked to do certain things in order to get onboard only because I’m a woman. I never understand why! Women are not delicate dolls. We’re as hardworking as men, or maybe more, in a few situations. It was a battle and I knew nothing is more important than my values and self-respect. I have given up on so many projects and I don’t regret those choices. If you’re hard working, you will find a way somehow. Language and city don’t matter. You’re beyond these barriers. Doesn’t my career prove that?"

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