Living her dream, one film at a time

''Cinema has been my source of happiness forever! Fortunately, my parents too were big movie buffs, so the influence was strong, right from my childhood days. Little wonder that I grew up wanting to be a director. But it’s of course not as easy as people consider it to be. Before I began working on my debut film, I attended numerous film festivals, workshops and masterclasses to understand the techniques better. 

Do you know what the biggest learning is? 

Always add your bit to everything you do. In a field like cinema, it’s even more important to be unique. I do get carried away with all the noise and chaos around. Solo trips are my way of rejuvenating. I like the alone time I get to think about my ideas and give all of it a structure. You need some peace of mind to explore your creative self. 
My trips aren’t necessarily to the hills. I love cities just as much. A few months ago, I moved to New York for a brief period. What a place that is! More than anything else, my interaction with the students from the New York Film Academy was a big influence, not just in films but life in general. Their ideas would amaze me! Now that I’m finally working on my debut film, I understand how all of this has helped me put together something really great for the audience. It’s my baby and I’m super excited to get it on floors. It’s all that I’ve dreamt of, and of course, directing Megastar Chiranjeevi. You know, if I want something, I will work hard to make it happen - it's the determination that keeps me going.

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