Memories that last forever...

"I shifted to San Francisco in 1989. But every time I visit Hyderabad, I make at least two trips to Moula Ali. I share some of the best memories of my life here… When I was a child, there were lesser buildings and more trees. My friends, sister and I would climb up the hill only to see the whole of Hyderabad and try spotting some known buildings far away. We never know if we identified a building with the right name, but we didn't care. It was about fun and laughter, and a lot of running. I distinctly remember the first time I tried trekking, I think I was 10. I looked up and thought, 'I can't do this. It's too high.’ But when you have young friends around, you don't care about heights. It's about reaching the peak first. 

Now when I come back here, I'm reminded of all those memories. With my busy life as a doctor in a totally different country, there's hardly any time to reminisce about these moments. So I make a trip to Hyderabad and bring my children here. Although we live in another country, I don't want them to miss out on our rich history and of course, the beauty and serenity of the shrine. "

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