For the nation

''I often feel like people don’t acknowledge the defence forces’ as much as they deserve. Of course, when there’s a big win on their side and they’re covered by media, everybody gives their wishes. But what about other days? Whether they’re on the border or not, it doesn’t matter. Each one of them is working only for us.
This is something I learnt very early in my life. Growing up, I used to see my father wear his army uniform. In my eyes, I could only see him as a hero. I knew I wanted to be like him one day. I joined the NCC for the same reason. It’s a key parameter for anybody who is interested in defence forces. I want to serve people and my nation. Every time I hear about any army operation, my heart beats fast. I pray for every person to come out alive and successful. I probably will never meet any of them. None of us will meet them personally. All we can do, if not join the forces, is to hope for their success and give their families all the strength they need. On a regular day, when I look at a jawaan or an officer, I want to salute and thank them. Don’t you?''

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