Finding comfort in chaos

"There's something about comforting people, especially strangers. They're not family, they're not friends. But they're humans and they're in pain. All you can do is listen - although I didn't see this coming, my page is now like a love handle for everyone who wants to share stories. I'm not necessarily calling out for them, but when they come my way, I let them. 

In the beginning, my page didn't have many followers. But the reason behind it was to put my thoughts out and not look for appreciation in the follower count. So, it never bothered me. Today, however, I get numerous messages from unknown people and it's because they relate to all that I write. It's not their story. My posts are all my thoughts but they're from instances that can happen in anybody's lives. I try and put them out in few sentences using simple words. There's no complexity, but everything has meaning and emotions attached to it. That's something I learnt from my elder sister - to be vocal and outspoken about your feelings in your own way. I've always looked up to her. I learnt from her that every person and thing has a story, you can either ignore it or share it. Just like her, I chose the latter"

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