Moulding lives through teaching

" I was 18 when I got married and by 22, I had two kids. I had to give up on my graduation for my marriage. Although I wasn’t great at academics, I wanted to do something with my life and not remain as a housewife. But everything happened so quickly that I wanted to pause and process it. My husband, however, wanted a working wife - it was a promise his mother made to him before she started looking for girls, I was told. My mother-in-law then took care of my kids and I became a teacher. There has been no looking back since then. 
For the past so many years, I have been teaching in the same school. Recently, one of my old students came to visit me. I couldn’t recognise them in one go, of course, but the moment I did, I was so happy to see them settled in their lives. We had a good one-hour chat, going 20 years back in time. It’s moments like these that make us content… We spend more than six hours in school every day, trying to teach kids - not just academics but about life, in general. When you see them in a happy place and you know all that you said made a good difference in their lives, you go home and have a peaceful sleep.”

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