Love against all odds

"My first serious relationship was about nine years ago. When that ended, I stopped thinking about love and companionship. But life gives you something special when you least expect it. And I met my fiance, when I was in London. We spent a few months together and later, he proposed to me. It was special! He's a very determined and dedicated person. Yes, you read it right…’he’.
Like any other relationship, our bond too has its own set of ups and downs, considering we live in two different countries. But he's the pillar. He knows what he wants… sometimes, I can't believe he's so sorted in his mind. He also met my mother and sister. They like him, my sister especially. My mom stays quiet. She accepts everything but doesn't talk about it much. 
We recently celebrated our 6th anniversary and we've been planning our wedding for a while now. But there are so many other things to be considered. Our families and our careers, of course. I'm a yoga instructor here and he works in London. But we're going to make this marriage happen, just like we worked our relationship out, in all these seven years.”

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