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"They say everybody is born with a talent and I believe mine is calligraphy. When I was in middle school, I used to personally write invitations for all functions at home in calligraphy and my father would be upset because it looked beautiful but not many could read it easily. It was also a lot of work, but I never complained. I enjoyed doing it. When I grew older, my father knew how much I loved it. So he never stopped me from pursuing it. I now own an institute that helps students better their handwriting. I have taught thousands of students in this 10-year-long journey and helped shape their future. 
That apart, I've also given TED talks, focussing on the importance of handwriting, especially in India, and the medical benefits. Many have come back to thank me, saying it helped them in many ways, especially in dealing with their mental health. That makes me very content. But nothing beats the day I gifted my wife a beautiful plate with her name in my own handwriting. Her expression and that happiness… I could write her name a thousand more times just for that.”

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