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"I always enjoyed writing, whether it’s poems, books or more recently, research papers. When I was in Delhi University for my graduation, I was a part of various plays. However, the idea of neuroscience always interested me. I always wanted to know how the brain works and all its elements functioned. When I got an opportunity to study in National Brain Research Centre, I latched on it. 

After working in different colleges, I joined the cognitive neuroscience section in the University of Hyderabad, six years ago. It's been such a wonderful journey to be around intellectual people and curious students. There's something to learn and explore every day. I love collaborating with my students and they are often co-authors in my published works. When I look at my students, I see a reflection of myself and how I was just as keen as them to dig deep into the subject matter. Of course, there's a generation gap and there a few differences.

There are more opportunities for the youth today. As a teacher, I urge them to grab every opportunity that comes their way. Be it a TED talk or a tête-à-tête, my advice is the same. Think more than self advance, because only you can take the nation forward.”

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