Serving from the heart

"Ram Ki Bandi might be a popular place now, but not many know that my father started this back in 1989. We only offered regular tiffins. The cheese and paneer varieties came in when I took over the business 10 years ago. But I must tell you that this ‘fame’ didn’t come easy. We had our set of struggles. Even when I was in school, I would help my dad at the bandi for almost eight hours. My family was dedicated to making this a success, not for fame but for a living. 

People often say ‘it feels like a dream’ when talking about success. But that’s not for me. When people tell me about appearing in the newspaper or being one of Hyderabad’s most popular food joint, I get teary-eyed with joy and pride. It pushes me to serve more people with comfort food - that was and will be our motto."

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