Best of my boyhood

Part 1 : 

"Like most parents, my dad too had high hopes on me. He asked me to join an IIT course. Adding to my misery, the classes were at 6 am. I was barely interested and the timings only made it worse. I would sleep in every class and eventually, teachers started to notice. So from being a backbencher, I became an 'outstanding’ student, literally. I was also caught sleeping in my car outside college by my mother. Even after this, my dad didn't lose faith. He put me in a college in Vijayawada. That was my first time away from home and I used this ‘golden’ opportunity to have as much fun as I could. I was the only kid from a city, so I was always the first one to talk to girls and take them out for an ice cream. I was quite the cool dude. 

However, one good thing I did, back in the day was to read a book: How to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. It was the right time to read a book like that. Even as a child, I always wanted to stand out and not do what everyone does, and the book only helped me understand this better. Nobody is 'ideal’ in this world, but I started to believe that we can all be the best of what we are. At the same time, I learnt not to worry about things that don’t affect me. This was an important lesson that helped me deal with things, when I joined the film industry.”

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