The thrills of life


"I remember distinctly how an auto driver once told me I should try becoming an actor because of what he thought about my looks. Although I loved cinema, this random compliment got me thinking. It was also the time when I was waiting for my intermediate results. That's when I did a regular photoshoot. Fortunately, things fell into place and I met Teja sir. I was super nervous and scared on the first day of shoot, especially because people told me Teja sir is short tempered. But I must tell you that he's a great teacher. You just have to listen to him and do what he says. I did just that, and started my journey. 

When I look back, I'm proud of the decision I made because I absolutely love this art form. There's no other profession where you get so much following. There are issues about privacy and controversies but the love you get from people overshadows all of it. When you're in the industry for a year or longer, you anyway understand that image correction can't happen and you let things be. You can't choose what people say and write about you. I've been lucky to have dealt with it positively. So I'm happy about how things unfolded for me. I have my own set of thrills - adventure, gigs, travel. All this apart, a couple of my artist friends and I have managed to bring people together to help victims of social calamities. This is the best way to use your following - gather people to help the needy. It doesn't take much effort, but it does so much good. It's satisfying, much more than any international concert or trip you'll ever experience."

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