Striding through life

"I was born with partial vision. Although I couldn't see completely, I could manage to read and write by myself. But when I reached class 10, my vision kept getting worse. However, I didn't let that affect my academics. Thankfully, my teachers helped me find a good student as scribe for all the exams. I'm a graduate now and I also recently completed basic teacher training. If everything goes well, I'll be settled in few months. 
But I must tell you that everything was pretty normal for me, growing up. My family never made it seem like anything inferior. When people asked me how I managed day-to-day life, I didn't know what to say because I grew up considering it to be fine. It's not like my parents didn't try solving it medically. But doctors were clear that there was no solution. People come up with unsolicited comments about my sight but I ignore it. I wonder how much good they can all do only if they put their time into working on something fruitful. Once I have a job, I have only one dream to work on - whether I'm married or not, I want to adopt a child and give her (/him) a good life."
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