I'm coming home

"Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, I always felt like I was away from my family's native - Hyderabad. Although we used to visit the city once in two years for vacations, I felt a deep connection with the place and wanted to settle here. However, what I remember Hyderabad to be two decades ago is different from what we have today. It's the right time for entrepreneurship and I had no second thoughts about starting my own cafe. 

Bottega cafe is my way of giving back to my parents’ hometown and also fulfilling my dream of living here. It is also great to see that young Hyderabadis are more welcoming than they were before, especially in terms of new cuisines and drinks. As an entrepreneur, it's both exciting and challenging to get people to try my wide range kinds of coffee, while also offering comfort food that makes them feel at home. For almost a year after I shifted here, I was still trying to understand everything about the city, considering there were huge developments that took place. But today, I feel so at home that I don't want to leave. Instead my parents have plans of shifting here. That's the determination and persistence you have when you want to build an empire around something you love.”

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