Creativity as a remedy

"We moved to India from the United Arab Emirates when I was a kid. I remember being carefree and an extrovert when I think of those days. A few months after I shifted to India, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was at an age when I didn’t even realise that my life had changed completely because of this. I was given insulin on a regular basis. I had a strict diet to follow and my habits had to be monitored. 

With so many changes in my life, my behaviour and character were also affected. I started to become an introvert, also because of the culture shock I had when I moved here. People would give me unnecessary advice on how to overcome diabetes at home. They still do, honestly, and it is annoying! I mean, if it really worked, why would so many people across the world suffer from it? 

My biggest challenge was when I was during my adolescence. I shut myself up from the world. It was a struggle, but eventually, I grew up. I came to terms with the fact that there’s no cure to this and I need to live with it. I also realised that it’s not my choice and it’s fine. I have a small group of friends who know my problem and they’re extremely supportive. I don’t feel lonely anymore. I have my own ways to deal with it. I can’t eat cakes but I love baking and feeding my friends. I also love drawing. When I’m low or extremely happy, I sit down and put my thoughts on the paper. It’s my way of dealing with life. "
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