Fitness as a way of life

" I spent about five years of my life doing medicine, which I absolutely disliked. Add to that, three years of preparation for a medical seat! I was quite scared to open up to my parents about it. Even when I did, they always convinced me saying I was the topper, so there’s no reason to not do it. As a person, I’m competitive and that’s one reason why I always strived to study and score maximum marks. But I knew my heart wasn’t in medicine. 

A couple of years post that, a friend introduced me to CrossFit. I reluctantly began training. I had no push to go and exercise in the first week. But gradually, I began to love it. It was my way of venting out everything that piled up for more than eight years. I used to lift heavy weights and train for long hours. I also participated in the Devil’s Circuit, mostly for the feel of it. I didn’t have enough professional training, but my determination to be the best made me win the title. That was certainly my turning point. 

It only got better with time. I fell in love with the idea of CrossFit and core exercises. But my parents didn’t understand why I moved to fitness from medicine. People also told me I wasted a seat that someone more worthy could’ve got. So, I took my parents to the finals of the legend’s cup. They saw me winning it and they teared up. In fact, I got emotional after each round myself. It’s a tough task and I would put all my energy and stamina for it. When I finished the task first, I would have an adrenaline rush. I finally found something I absolutely loved. Fitness gave me all the confidence for everything in life. Today, I train so many athlete men and pregnant women. I help them prevent so many health issues by being healthy and fit. This is where my heart is and I won’t let this go. "

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