Create your own happiness

"I was 7 when my mother married me off to my cousin, who was quite older than me. In two years, he left me for another girl. At 9, you hardly understand marriage, left alone cheating and separation. Since that day, I've been living alone. It was not my choice but situations made me tough. I hardly remember anything from my childhood. Nobody pampered me. I lost my family to floods in my hometown when I was a teen. 

By the time I was 15, I felt like I dealt with everything in life, like a 50-year-old would. But life doesn't let you choose your problems. You can only choose your happiness. Mine is my work and people I work with. I have 6 people who are my family. 

They're home. They take care of me when I'm sick and cheer me up when I'm upset. Now, I don't even think of my husband. I don't even want to call him that. All I want to do is watch films of Venkatesh and NTR. Of course, work with GHMC in keeping the city clean and have a happy dinner with my family. "

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