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"After I joined the defence forces, one of my first wars I fought was in 1971. My team and I were working in -45°C, it was not just adventurous, but it was also tense. On the first day, when we saw our own soldiers dying, most of us were shocked. It was traumatising to see people you had dinner with, the previous night, fallen dead in front of you. As an officer, you're leading a team of jawans and you can't afford to show your fear or any other emotion. But it's just the first day and first few deaths. Eventually, it becomes about revenge and people come back and proudly say, ‘I killed 5 people today’.

The thing about a war is that you have a defined target. But in other situations, especially when dealing with terrorists, identification is the problem. Sometimes, it's your friend, neighbour or anybody around you. When I read that 40 CRPF jawans were killed by a suicide bomber, I was clear that India needs to give back an answer. It's not because we lack humanity, but because we have so many other young soldiers coming from the remotest of villages in India. They need to understand that their lives are precious and the country values them. But Kashmir isn't a recent issue. It's being dealt with for years now. What most people don't understand is that the armed forces can only suppress the terrorist and secludes citizens from being converted into terrorists. It's the government's duty to follow this up with peace talks to find a solution. Although none of us wish for a war, as a part of the defence forces, we will fight for our nation on any given day. What we expect in return is to find a solution to issues like these, which have been the concern of our nation for so many decades now.”

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