Lessons from daughter

I am a GHMC worker. My shift starts at 3 pm and ends at 10 in the night. By the time I reach home, it’s 11 pm. There are many drunk men roaming on the roads at that time. Once a man came close and tried to touch my daughter and me inappropriately. But my daughter kicked him, swiftly took a stone and threw it at him. He ran away intimidating us that he would see our end. We never saw him again, yet what he told us scared me. I have three daughters who work and come home late in the night. When my daughter saw me worried that day, she said, "If we don’t fight back, they will take advantage. What if I’m a woman? He’s also just a man. There’s no difference, Amma.” That teared me up. I couldn’t believe that my daughter has grown up to be the strength I always needed.


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