Singing for the soul

"I grew up in a progressive home. My parents always knew I wanted to do things differently and they supported me throughout. So when the transition from geology to music and art happened, they had no problems. They were happy that I was doing exactly what I wanted. In fact, my dad saw the singer in me much before anybody else did. He used to ask me to perform, even as a kid. I also learnt dance when I was four years old. 
I think art has been a part of me and my growing up years. But the decision to take up music as a career option happened after I watched the legendary AR Rahman perform. Sounds cliche, but that's when I tried to make covers on YouTube. Through common friends, I began singing in small setups and gradually, moved to 5-star hotels. That's when I began to get some attention and made contacts in the music circuit. Everything was quite fast paced suddenly and I also released my single and made my Tollywood debut. I like how things have been so far. But nothing comes easy. Firstly, I'm an outcast. So everything that I've achieved is through hard work. There are times when things don't work the way I want and it upsets me. Art is my way out of such phases. When I paint a good piece, it makes me extremely happy. I send pictures to my friends and get super excited. Everyday comes with new challenges. I deal with life, one day at a time. I have my single being launched on women's day - that's keeping me busy today. Let's see what tomorrow has for me!"

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