Dancing my way through

''It all just started with one class and now it has been 9 years in Bharatanatyam. My mother inspired me to get into this classical art form. She never got the opportunity to take up dance but she transferred her zeal to me. There is an obsession for western dance or casual Bollywood dance among many but my mother ensured I appreciate and pursue classical dance form. I feel lucky to have been brought up in an environment where people show no difference between a boy and a girl. My parents never stopped me from travelling with my dance group to perform at various cities. 
My guru (Smt. Rajeswari Sainath and Vyshnavie Sainath)has been my biggest inspiration and gave me a chance to manage my studies and career in dance. I want to make a career in media but that will not stop me from pursuing dance. I am a happy go lucky person and I absolutely take pride in it.''

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