Expressing emotions through cinema

"My mom passed away when I was in class 10. Although my father took over her role and supported me, it was challenging to deal with my emotions. Cinema was my only escape. I started making a lot of short films. That is how it all started. So it won't be too much to say that films were always a part of my life, and I can't ever thank destiny enough for that.
However, I don't belong to a family that has any connections with cinema. My father is a businessman. I knew only a few aspects of filmmaking that I watched on screen. But there's so much more to the art that outsiders might not know. Thankfully, I began making short films at an early age, which definitely helped me understand the industry better. 
I also believe that you can learn an art only by working on it. No matter how many people teach you, you're never going to understand what exactly happens unless you do it by yourself. So I don't really look for advice, neither do I give suggestions. Everybody has a journey and you can't move forward in life without experiencing each part of that journey. From making random short films to Mudhapappu Avakayi and now, Suryakantham, I've done it all by myself. There were many people who kept pushing me to do better in this journey, but it's my story and I have no regrets of not being in a particular moment. My idea of storytelling is also the same. If I manage to make one person feel emotional, I believe that my hardwork has been paid off. Imagine seeing a person cry or remember someone close to them while watching your film! Nothing in this world can give me a better high."

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