Journey of ups and downs

''To quit a full-time job and take up cinema was a challenging decision. It wasn't tough because I knew I loved cinema, but the fact that there is no guaranteed monthly income, which I am so used to, was difficult to stomach. But I had dedicated six years to a regular job, while making short films on the weekends. I knew it was time to give my passion a chance. I wouldn't say everything worked out overnight. A lot of people didn't really agree to work with me on my first script. Some liked it but wasn't sure if it should be my debut, while others just thought they couldn't dedicate their time. I was at a point where I doubted myself. That's when I wrote another story, just to check if I wanted to be a filmmaker because I had an idea or if I really had the talent. Thank God it was the latter! It's been a journey of ups and downs, but I don't want to complain. It's a choice I made and I've never regretted it - not for a day.''

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