Education is the Key

''I belong to a small village in the interiors of the state. Most people in my village studied only till class 12. While some can't afford education beyond that, others think there's no necessity to study further. Fortunately, my parents always considered education to be important. They encouraged me to move out of my village and study engineering in a city. I'm one of the only youngsters who is studying in Hyderabad. That itself is an achievement for all of us back home. However, I don't intend to stop after graduation. I want to be an IAS officer. I want to create awareness. I want people to know that the right education is as important as food, water and shelter. Whether you want to be a businessman or a farmer, it's important you go to school and get a basic education. I want to change the mindset of my villagers who thought class 12 was enough, though they had the finances to study further - that is my only aim.'' 

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