parkouring my way to success

"Jackie Chan was one of my first inspirations that led me to explore parkour. It was only after I started practising, I understood that it is more than just a sport - it's training discipline using movements. It's an umbrella term. I got trained for five years in Hyderabad, before going to the US for a 3-day course in 2014. That was definitely an eye opener for me. Parkour isn't about movements alone. You learn so much more - respect, dignity and determination. 
Once I returned to India, I had the opportunity of working with CISF employees in Hakimpet - perks of being a certified coach. But one of my biggest achievements was to work with Spanish athlete Pedro Salgado, during a Telugu film shoot in the city. We spent almost a month together, prepping for the movements. Considered to be one of the best parkour professionals in the world, there couldn't have been a better collaboration to learn from. Although I had a slightly problematic experience with the young lead actor of the film, my time with Pedro overshadowed it all. It's not just about the projects, but there is so much you explore and understand about any art form, when you work with one of the bests. This was also around the time when my parents saw that everything was going good professionally, and they were happy to know that. They were quite worried in the beginning because they didn't want to see me hurt myself or have any injuries, but that's the field I am in. Now that it's been quite a few years, they have also understood my passion and I've learnt to come up fewer injuries compared to before, haha!" 

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