Take a break to get in touch with yourself

"Everyone in my family being an engineer, I knew it would be an uphill task convincing my parents for a non-science course for my undergrad. Being true Indian parents, they suggested what they considered to be the next best option - commerce, which I took up although my heart was set in taking up Mass Communication. Little did I know that the universe was conspiring to fulfill my heart's desire. I came across the poster for the RJ Hunt. I sent an audition for it even though I had no much idea about RJing. In fact, in my audition, I remember my last sentence to them was, "Just because you have my number, don’t call me!”. However, it was this attitude of mine that seems to have impressed them the most.
After coming out as the first runner-up, I completed my bachelor's degree and went on to complete my master's degree as well in Mass Communication. I got not one, but two offers for the position of an RJ. While I was happy that I was where I wanted to be, I knew this wasn't my destination. I explored a lot of other avenues including TV, YouTube, managing a band, marketing for my father's films and hosting events. In my desperation to do everything at once, I realised that I had been running around continuosly throughout my life and it was time to slow down a bit. I quit my job last year and decided to take a break, during which time I really got to understand myself. I married my longtime boyfriend, travelled to two countries even though I'm not fond of travelling and did a lot of introspection. I felt like I finally knew who I was. Everyone needs a break from their regular routine. I am glad I saved up money for it. It lets you see where you are now, who you want to be and where you want to be. I am at that stage today. 
I was insecure about being accepted after this long break, because they say out of sight, out of mind. The thought, "will people come to me with opportunities again” was bothering me. 
But guess what! I am back in the city and I have been getting calls from people who are keen on working with me. That’s when I realised my work and determination is valued." 

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