Work is worship

"When I was in degree, I decided to join the police department. I worked hard to score decently and also be fit for the job. It’s been four years since I joined and I’ve never regretted it. Even before I got married, I told my wife that duty comes first. It’s difficult to be in a job like this if you don’t have the confidence that your family will understand you. I’m lucky to have a partner, who supports me. All I can do in return is to take her out whenever I get the time and make up for all the while I was busy. She even says that when we have a kid, she should also become a police officer. But I ask her not to dream for our child. I don’t never anybody to join a profession, especially defence or government services. I want each person to have their own dreams and work to fulfill that and not succumb to the society’s expectations."

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