Binge on biryani

"My family lives in my hometown, Lucknow. I had to move to Hyderabad in search of jobs. I came here only 15 days ago but I already miss my family. Before that, I lived in Nagpur. I've travelled to many cities. Nothing feels like home, but Hyderabad has been my favourite after Lucknow. The people I work with have been good. I also like the food here. We get so much biryani for reasonable prices. I can't afford it every day but my new friends here treated me in the first week of my job. Next time when I go home, I want to pack one small box for my family. I was told biryani can be reheated and eaten in two days. So I'm saving money for that now. I can't wait to feed this delicious biryani to my wife and children. They'll love it!".

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