Secret of a successful marriage

"My daughter is settled here. My husband and I frequent to Hyderabad to visit her. Both of us love to roam around every corner of the city. We have been to almost all the places, from Charminar to Inorbit to Ramoji film city. My husband and I enjoy spending time together. At this age, we are reliving our moments from our jawani! But today, he went to meet his sister and I came to shop alone. We enjoy our personal space too. After all, it is this understanding between us that has helped us sail through happily for so many years. 

It was an arranged marriage. There was no 'knowing each other and then deciding’ concept back in our days. I was a big fan of Jitender. Although my husband didn't look as good as him, I thought he was decent. So I agreed. But he was already in love with me. He says, it was love at first sight for him."

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