Sweet little things

''From my childhood, I have been a people's person. I enjoy gatherings-the more the merrier. Thankfully, I grew up in a colony in Malakpet, where there were a lot of families from different communities and faith but living together as one big family. I still remember there was a family that owned a TV, which was indeed a luxury back then and we all used to gather at their house to watch TV. The Muslim family that lived opposite to our house were more like our family than just neighbours. We used exchange food. We are vegetarians and whenever they used to make a vegetarian delight, they would send a huge box of it to our house too. Community living was such a beautiful thing. I miss those days terribly. If there is one thing that hasn't changed, then it is my love for being around a lot people. Thankfully, being a public relations executive, I get to interact with a lot of people. 
Movies play a pivotal role in my life. I fell in love with movies when I was in third standard. I used to listen to songs on the radio and get transported to a different world all together. Every summer, going to my hometown, Nellore used to include watching NTR movies too. Nobody can ever fathom my love for NTR. I worship him. I started following politics too only because of him. 
No matter what mood I am in- happy, sad, angry, I just go to a single screen theatre and watch a movie. I don't spare a single movie from watching it.
Hyderabad and I share a strong bond. I love this city. Those double decker buses I used to foot board, the way those double decker buses used to take a turn near the Andhra Bank circle in Koti, those single screen theatres, which used to screen Amitabh Bachchan's films, the exhibition and the toy train rides, the mirchi bajjis for one rupee were so special to us. I saw the Buddha being erected in Tankbund and also those statues. The Hyderabad in the 80s was the best. Of course, the way the city has developed is commendable but 80s was the best.
My definition of happiness hasn't changed from a very young age. I find happiness in little things like having a strong cup of coffee or watching a movie in a single screen theatre with whistles and hoots in the background. The reason why I am always happy is, I don't look for happiness outside. I find happiness within.

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