Years of Stability

"In the last 35 years of paper and stationery business, we've earned a regular set of customers. From a 5-year-old who wants a pencil to a senior citizen who buys paper from us, all of them recognise my husband and me. But a new apartment built in this lane has asked us to close and move from this space. We tried explaining it to them that we've been here for longer than three decades. But he doesn't want to hear us. I've been a little disturbed lately because of this. We're trying to find some new space in the same locality. I don't know why anybody would have a problem with us having this small shop in one corner. We don't sell anything illegal or harmful. Recently, a group of kids asked us why we seemed worried. When we told them, they promised to fight for us. They're tiny tots, in the age group of 5 to 8-year-olds. But that's the kind of attachment we have with people in this colony. We've seen so many things change, but nobody has ever asked us to move. I'm still hoping and praying this issue is resolved without having us to close our shop down. If I have the support of my customers, I'm sure my husband and I can fight this out."

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