The perils of a new business concept

"In the year 2003, I had visited Bengaluru's Lalbagh and I was quite fascinated to see the idea of having healthy juices outside the park, after a workout. I spoke to one of the seller's there and immediately made up my mind to bring it to our Hyderabad too.

I had done a lot of research on which vegetable or leaf has what nutritional value and how to utilise it. In the same year, I got in the concept to Hyderabad and set up a small table outside KBR Park. I had priced the drinks at Rupees 5. It took two years for me to create awareness about these drinks and I strongly feel the struggle was worth it.

From two to three customers a day in 2003, we have come a long way today with more than 250 customers a day. It was all word through the quality of the juices and word of mouth that helped me create a ground for myself

I was shooed away by Traffic police initially. My utensils were taken away and were returned on the payment of challans. The instability certainly affected my business and I was told to get a license. Once I took it, I had no issues having my stall permanently outside the park. I did face lots of struggles initially but creating awareness was no mean task. I sell juices of beetroot, carrot, neem, mint, tulsi, coriander, curry leaves, cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, bitter gourd, cucumber and of course hot lemon water with honey. Each juice has its own significance. For people looking for weight loss, we serve hot lemon water with honey and ginger juice. For heart patients, we add garlic juice to whatever juice they choose."


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