Journalism those days

"I started my career in journalism in  1987 as a Sub-Editor in Newstime, which is a sister publication of Eenadu group that was started by Mr. Ramoji Rao. That have stopped its publication but it has given a concrete platform for many budding journalists. 

My journey in the field of Journalism was completely accidental. I had aspired to become an IAS Officer during those days which I couldn't, but nevertheless I am proud to be a journalist. My elder brother was also in the field of Journalism and probably I had developed my understanding of various aspects of the society through him. To be honest, I took Journalism as my career seriously only after I failed to clear my civil service exams. I had started covering all the major developments in politics and election news since 1989. I have covered all the beats of Journalism except Sports and Entertainment. 

There has been a tremendous improvement in the technological advancement in the field of Journalism in the recent past due to digitalisation. Back then, my seniors used to work on letter press printing as there were no computers during those days  and later, I started to write my news stories using type writers which was invented much later.

We didn’t have the luxuries of accessing Internet and we were totally dependent on Library material which was available during those days. 

As the longevity of paper was low, we used to struggle a lot to gather the information from the past.  Talking about the communication technologies, we certainly used to make trunk calls and later on, with the emergence of digital era, there has been a significant improvement in all sorts of mass media technologies. We used to relay on Tele printers for the news copies back then which is the predecessor of latest technology printing press. 

Talking about the values of Journalism back then, we used to strive for the authenticity and facts before delivering the news stories for publication. But now, anyone who has access to digital mediums are perceived to be a Journalist. Especially, with the advent of Electronic and digital mediums, the true essence and values of journalism are lost." 

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