For the love of daughters

"When I was getting my daughter married, I had to give a hefty amount of money to the in-laws. When I was getting married, it was a lot worse as we had to pay a heftier amount. But thankfully, things are gradually changing for good. The problem comes when people around you start saying things like, 'if you want your daughter to be happy in their house, better give them something’. I always wondered, why do people humiliate someone for money? Isn't that our responsibility to be kind to everyone? But the world is not as good as we want it to be. So I just gave in to the pressure for my 'daughter's happiness’. Hopefully, by the time I have grandchildren, the way our whole system functions, changes. Imagine if men start giving money to women! Although it's wrong both ways, I want to see how men would take it."

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