Beauty of care free childhood

"It is summer vacations for us and we truly enjoy playing outdoors. Although our parents say playing in the scorching sun is not good for for us, we still go out and play. We study at Jubilee Hills Government School where we are encouraged to play outdoor games. We are taught English and Computer Applications from first standard itself. In fact, we can handle a computer better than you. Thanks to our present government, the facilities in our school have improved significantly. We don’t really enjoy playing mobile games. We all love playing Cricket and Kabaddi. We also love to visit our hometown. We are excited to be going our hometown in the month of May. We are going to meet our grandparents and eat some yummy food and also watch some movies. We like how our villages have a lot of open spaces to play. Sometimes, we don’t like that a few friends of ours don’t come out to play and instead, choose to play on their parent’s mobiles. We really wish they came out and played along with us. We love eating Gup-Chup. There is one Gup-Chup Anna who gives us one extra Gup-Chup for free. So, we love going to him. The only problem in our lives is homework during summer holidays."

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