My Bojja, My Rules

"The idea behind My Bojja, My Rules is to normalise the sight of women wearing whatever they want and the fact that their clothing doesn't give anybody the right to judge them or harass them. Women's safety is truly the need of the hour. It's an initiative to make the world a safer place. Women are constantly criticised for their choices, especially their outfits. People think women should be in tune with society's idea of beauty. I want to break that barrier! This criticism makes women conscious and sometimes plagues them with self doubt. The whole idea of running on the streets in sports bras is to make ourselves comfortable and confident about our body, irrespective of what our waist size is or how tall or short we are. However, our events are not just about running in sports bras. We've had women run in tee shirts as well, because that's what they're comfortable in. I'm fortunate to have a great support system - my family and friends - who have encouraged me in doing something that people usually say ‘is against our culture’. If women's safety and equality isn't a worry, where are we heading?''

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