Nature needs us now

''My father worked in the forest department so my childhood years were spent around animals. I'm the only child, so I would always play with dogs and be in the company of animals. Once my dad returned, we settled in the city and that's when I started missing the environment I grew up in. I started Sarva Jeeva Society, where we save some amount of our earnings to rescue animals. Usually, most people rescue only dogs, but we look at bigger street animals too like cows, horses and birds. The most difficult part is transporting them to a safer place, and that takes a lot of energy and money. Thankfully, I have access to these trucks that helps transport these rescued animals. As of now, we've not raised any kinds of funds from outsiders. But I think it's the government's responsibility to take care of such animals. Currently, they're only focusing on environment, and they're getting it all wrong. All we have are small saplings by roadside, which are not watered regularly. At this point of time, to balance the amount of urbanisation, we need big trees. That'll help us with clean air and will also be home to animals and birds. Humans have ruined animals’ natural habitat, as a result of which they're coming into the city premises. Isn't it our responsibility to give them back what we took? After all, all of us together comprise nature - humans, animals, birds and trees. We all should co-exist. By destroying their habitat, we are damaging the eco-system. My motto is to save animals and create awareness about saving animals.''

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