The piercing below my lower lip is a special one for me

"The piercing below my lower lip is a special one for me. I consider body piercing and tattooing as form of self expression rather than a style statement. I am into short film making and recently tied up with the other two of this gang. We girls do all the talking and he does all the shooting. He is happy that way and it shows, isn't it? Apart from having good fun, we both like to give back to society. She is involved in environment related initiatives and I spend quality time with cancer patients. We were good friends once and just met after 10 years. But the gap didn't matter...we simply took off from where we left. Our way of celebrating this reunion is through work, pouring our mind and heart in to new projects...mostly social experiments on women topics. It should be interesting to capture Hyderabadis reactions on topics like women's fashion and attire. Would a pan wala in old city offer something new, whereas an ultra modern guy near a pub in Jubilee hills churn out a parochial view? What about a priest? A movie buff teenager?...we are keen to find out. We might even have to answer a few questions about our own appearance. By the way, I had to let go off a few piercings on my face and ears. Some of the child cancer patients, used to pull them and it became very difficult to wriggle out without making them cry/unhappy. If it comes to that, I will not hesitate to forego the one below my lower lip too... just like I gave up tattooing, to donate blood every three months". #Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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